Q.      Is the Cabineer already for sale?


We are expecting a production time of roughly six months, but we hope to become faster in the future.

Q.      Can I see the cabin beforehand?

Yes, we advice you to. Message us via the contact form and we will make an appointment with you.

Q.      How much does it cost?

It depends.

We want to give you the opportunity to configure it to your requirements, therefore we offer several options, from the empty cabin up to the luxury configuration. Pricing starts at € 45.000.

Q.   Vacuum-infusion requires the use of plastic, why do call yourself sustainable?

Unfortunately we haven't found a way yet to work completely plastic free. But the materials we use produce 80% less CO2 than GFRP and are non-toxic. The flax and cork both come from Europe, therefore dont have long transportation routes. The Cabineer is produced in Kiel, Germany therefore again with minimized transportation routes.

NFC is a lightweight constuction material - less weight on your car equals less fuel consumption.

For the future we are woking on a possibility for CO2-compensation.

Q.      Does it fit on any Pick-Up Truck?

In its current form the Cabineer will fit on most Double-Cabs. Generally we don't see a problem to change the form for to fit a Single- or Extra-Cab, although this could lead to a slightly prolonged delivery time.

Q.      Do you also sell demountable cabins?

Not yet, but we're working on it. If you would like a demountable cabin, send us a message via the contact form and we'll see how fast we can make your dream come true.