Material NFC

Material NFC

and the cork-insulation

Why NFC?

Natural fibers have less density than Fiberglass or mineral fibers, but exhibit high rigidity and firmness.
Simply put, it is mechanically very resilient yet lightweight.

What is NFC?

NFC is a natural fiber reinforced plastic material.

Here at Cabineer we use Flax fibres and an epoxy resin based on linseed oil.

Why is NFC better for the environment?

Flax is one of the oldest crop plants, therefore there are many applications for it.

The fibers used in composite materials are a byproduct of the linen production. 

The production of the fibers uses less energy than the production of glass- or  carbon fibres.

Furthermore the composite burns almost Co2 neutral and residue free, therefore is even eco friendlier at the end of its life cycle.

What about the insulation?

For the insulation we use cork from european forests.

The trees don't need to be chopped down for the harvest which consequently conserves the environment. It is a natural material with great heat-insulating sound-absorbing properties.

It has great water- repellent properties and high compressive strength.