The Inspiration

The Cabineer

the dream of a innovative Camper

From an idea to reality

Inspiration Pan-American Highway

or: the need for mor space

Two years road trip on the Pan-American Highway in our converted Land Rover Defender. A dream comes true. 

So many incredible experiences, we can barely put it into words.

Yet sometimes we got the feeling we could have done it better. 

Time and again the lack of a proper retreat wore us down, so Max started drawing a camper. In the beginning this was more for fun and just for us, but that was about to change.

We met many people with Pick-Up campers and noticed they too can be improved.

We think life happens outside, and so it was important for us to get the most out of the cabin from the inside as well as the outside.

The fridge is accesible from the inside and the outside, the stove is mobilewith an outside cooking station, as well as a cabinet accesible from the outside for your chairs and table.

The inside has a seating area for up to four people, a toilet and a shower.

Three adults or two adults and two children have a place to sleep inside the Cabineer.

Design and functionality


We love this earth, that is why we are trying to burden it less.

The Cabineer is made from NFC, a natural fiber composite.

This means it consists of a sandwich of flax-fibre and cork which is soaked in resin partly made from linseed oil. This makes for a very stable and lightweight